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On Friday, July 24, we are having a session particularly for the young adults. This will be happening at 7pm California time. These are former CyberClub members who are now a bit older, but the chat is not limited to exclude those who were not part of the Guide CyberClub in the past. This session will be in webinar format. Follow the link for "Uncle Andy Live."

Living on a round world can be confusing when it comes to scheduling a chat time for participants in various places.  It may be 3pm at one location and 4am at another.  For this reason, we are identifying our chat sessions with different kinds of fruit on the Events Calendar.  We are also going to have a countdown page to help you see how soon a particular session is scheduled to open.  The countdown clock may be one of several colors and this is to give you some information about the chat session.

On this page, there will be a few examples showing what the different countdown clock styles are and what they mean.  For now, we will have all of these sample clocks set to indicate a chat to begin as the new year of 2021 starts in Dallas, Texas.


Blue indicates a potential chat time.  For the present, we will have potential chat times for each of the times that have been regular chat times over the past several years.  If you want to suggest another time, it will also be a potential time.  This means that the chat session may or may not happen, depending on how many participants there are and if there is adult moderator supervision available.


Red indicates a chat session that will be happening.  That means there are at least five CLT Officers who have committed to being online for the chat and that there is adult moderator supervision available.


Green indicates a chat session that will be happening, but there may not be many online.  There are at least three CLT Officers who have committed to being online for the chat and that there is adult moderator supervision available.  There may be only a few participants, but you can plan to be on and participate.


Orange indicates that the chat session is planned and will be opening as scheduled.  We do not have even three CLT Officers committed to being on, but the chat session will open as scheduled.  This is like chat sessions before we had CLT Officers to commit to being on.  If there are not enough participants online, the session may end after ten minutes.there will be at least a few to chat with.  That means that if you come to one of these chat sessions more than ten minutes after the scheduled starting time, it may or may not be open.


Gray indicates that the chat session will not be happening because either there were not enough CLT Officers committed to participating or because we do not have an adult moderator available to supervise the session.

Thank you for being a part of our Guide CyberClub Team, whether as a moderator or as a Chat Launch Team Officer. Please let us know by submitting this form when you will be able to participate. In order to have a chat, we need to have at least one adult moderator and five CLT Officers who plan to be present. We may have chat sessions with only three CLT Officers who will be present. We are trying that for the present. Your help and input are appreciated.