First of all, I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season.  This is one time of year when

perhaps more people than usual are interested in talking about Jesus.  To me, even if the

occasion is totally of pagan origin, it presents a time to talk about our wonderful Savior and

share His gospel with others.


Over the past few months, attendance at our chat sessions has dwindled to the point that

it has been questionable whether I should open the chat session.  Often, if one or two 

members have logged in, it has been disappointing to have so few friend to chat with.


We have decided to make some changes that will help our chat sessions to be more of

what they should be.  


1.  Our regular chat schedule from the past ten years or so will be replaced by a more

flexible schedule.  Instead of the regular weekly sessions, we will have POTENTIAL

sessions, as will be further described below.


2.  We still need to have responsible adults to supervise and moderate the chat sessions,

but we will be eliminating the designations of Junior Moderator and Teen Moderator.  In the

place, we have a new designation:  CLT Officer (CLT means "chat launch team").  This is to

recognize that each member of the CyberClub has a meaningful contribution to make.  


3.  For any POTENTIAL chat time to become CONFIRMED, we will need at least one adult

moderator and some CLT Officers who will commit to being on to chat.  There has been a

question of whether we need to have a minimum of five CLT Officers for a session, or if we

might have a session with as few as three.  


4.  We will have a Guide CyberClub Calendar posted on .  Any potential

session will be indicated in gray.  When we have at least one adult moderator and three

CLT Officers scheduled, the color will be changed to blue.  When we have at least five CLT

Officers, the color will change from blue to red.  This calendar you can subscribe to so that

you have the chat times available to you in your own time zone.  To see the calendar, click

on the Calendar menu item.


5.  There will be some online forms where you can commit to being on for a particular

session or perhaps suggest another session time.   There will be a possibility for making

suggestions for discussion topics.  Of course, there will also be CLT Officer signup forms

to replace those for Jr or Teen Moderators.  Until these forms are in place, you can send

your input by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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